Free parking is available at the Doubletree for guests of Moonlight Circus. Please enter through the lobby. We encourage all guests to drink responsibly, and consider using booking a hotel room or using Uber.

Yes, a coat check will be available starting near the entry area. Coat check will accept cash only.

We will have multiple DJs playing top 40, hip-hop, and dance.

Moonlight Circus is 21+ and guests must have a valid photo ID to enter

You must have a ticket to enter the Moonlight Circus NYE Party. We strongly recommend purchasing your tickets online prior to the event. Prices will increase as more tickets are sold, and we will close all ticket sales when we reach capacity.

Semi Formal dress is required for this event.


  • Tickets are almost sold out online for @iamtheELEPHANTE https://t.co/VhavQpNSQ7
  • RT @MoonBootsMusic: Baked a new remix from scratch and it's almost done, just need to let it cool by the windowsill šŸŽ‚
  • @itssosunny @martinbuiiieee @KabanaRooftop @iamtheELEPHANTE Hey sunny! Give it a try now. We fixed a setting. Cheers!
  • @martinbuiiieee @itssosunny @KabanaRooftop @iamtheELEPHANTE you're always welcome! Shoot us a DM if you'd like to attend.
  • @typarrish103 The beauty of shows is you don't have to attend! Always gonna welcome artists back that fans really eā€¦ https://t.co/bME4nIz40j
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